Sky Afire

Sunrises and Sunsets always force me to stop and take their picture. Glad Doug stopped to capture this one in beautiful Nebraska.

Doug Lafuze Photography

This is from last night’s sunset. It chased me home from work, begging me to stop and take it’s picture, but I was in a hurry so I tried to ignore it. By the time I got to town it was so breath taking I had to stop and get a few pictures. I took this with my Droid Maxx and have not altered it at all!

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Where I want to be

There are many times I wish I could go back in time and smack myself into realizing how much I would someday miss the times I took for granted. The only thing we can do now is make the best of the time we are in now and live life in the best way we can.

Doug's Scribbles and Ramblings

When the heart isn’t happy, it seeks happier times to remember… My heart seeks to be in a hayfield right now. Not just any hayfield though, Dad’s hayfield. The big one behind the house and across the creek. The one you can just barely see through the cottonwoods when you sit on the back deck, I want to be there right now, not here.

I want to be there hitching the 686 to Dad’s old New Holland rake on a bright sunny June morning as the dew burns off the hay waiting to be baled. I want to be there to smell the sweet fragrance of the alfalfa hanging heavy in the air, so heavy you almost don’t smell the exhaust from the idling tractor. I want to be there to smell the way the grease from the rake’s gear box mixes with the smell of the hay and when…

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It’s A Love Thing…Featured Blogs #9

Thank you Jacqueline!!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

For the next few days till my Valentine Shindig I will be featuring several blogs a day on one post, as a way of showing some love to fellow awesome and supportive blogger friends of mine. 1454511643782[1]

You can share the fun and the love by sharing the party invitation as much as you can. Bring your Bae, your sweetheart, your neighbourlybloggers, your old lady, your old man, even your dogs and cats are invited.

It’s a way to connect with other bloggers and hey, who knows, you might hit it off with someone 😉

Please share and share alike. Thank you very much.

For today’s features, I am showing some love to the bloggers listed below:

‘Above all, love each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins.’ 1 Peter 4:8

Gpicone thank you Sir. You are one of the very first bloggers that followed me right from the…

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