What do you get a writer for Christmas?

The best gift you can give a writer (or any creative artist or small business owner) is SUPPORT so they can keep on doing what they love.

There are several things you can do:

  1. Buy their book(s).
  2. Read their book(s).
  3. Write a review for their book(s).
  4. SHARE on social media, tell your friends and family.
  5. Encourage them to continue pursuing their dreams.

Here are a couple of books you can check out and help support some of my favorite writers this Christmas.


American serial killer

Raymond Thomas Lang Junior

Last seen in the county of Lancashire, England

Believed to be the main fictional character in the new thriller/suspense novel


Widespread rumours claim Raymond Lang is currently hiding in an eBook of that name, located in the Amazon Book store. 


Congratulations on the release of your novel, Doug and Carole!

“The War of Scars is over. Our war has only just begun.”

At seventeen years of age, Adria Idonea has already seen both sides of war. Once princess in a citadel tower, she followed the ghosts of her childhood to become a Hunter, a healer, and a visionary among the enemy in the Wilding forests of Heiland.

But now Adria has come of age, and a promise she made in haste has bound her to return to her home after long exile. She doesn’t know what she will find… but they don’t know who she has become.


The first in an action-packed fantasy series by Jacob Falling.


Support your local artists and dreamers this Christmas season.
Make a difference.


Updated Cover Reveal for ‘TISSUE OF LIES’

Read a preview and then buy Carole’s first book before her newest is released tomorrow!

Author -Carole Parkes

Updated Cover

To coincide with my new collaborated book’s launch tomorrow, 23rd December, I’ve updated the cover on my first book ‘Tissue of Lies’.

Tissue of Lies cover 2


I have made it clear it’s a new cover. See the blurb on the Amazon purchase page. For those who haven’t read it, I’m including the ‘look inside’ pages.

Chapter 1

It was Tuesday, March 29th. The gusty winds, howling and roaring through the trees, showed no signs of abating. Oblivious to the gale force winds blowing outside the house, Julie Simpson sat inside her home shocked to her core.

Drowning beneath a torrent of disjointed and unspeakable thoughts, she felt lost. Only fragmented words or phrases broke through as she fought desperately to block them out. It was a futile effort.

Tears engulfed her as she lost the battle, and finally breaking down, she wept uncontrollably as the enormity of her discovery hit home….

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