Stabbed by syntax

I happened upon a blog post this morning entitled “10 quotes for writers and lovers and speakers of truth.”  I bookmarked the site and intend to visit it often.  One quote in particular really stood out to me today and I wanted to share it here.

Doug (photographer and AUTHOR extraordinaire) was kind enough to let me “borrow” one of his photos to help me highlight the quote.  I hope it resonates with some of you as well.


photo by Doug Lafuze, Editing by Izzy

“I write to soothe the voices shouting inside me . . .”

I challenge you to write something today that you are scared to write.

Be vulnerable.



What do you get a writer for Christmas?

The best gift you can give a writer (or any creative artist or small business owner) is SUPPORT so they can keep on doing what they love.

There are several things you can do:

  1. Buy their book(s).
  2. Read their book(s).
  3. Write a review for their book(s).
  4. SHARE on social media, tell your friends and family.
  5. Encourage them to continue pursuing their dreams.

Here are a couple of books you can check out and help support some of my favorite writers this Christmas.


American serial killer

Raymond Thomas Lang Junior

Last seen in the county of Lancashire, England

Believed to be the main fictional character in the new thriller/suspense novel


Widespread rumours claim Raymond Lang is currently hiding in an eBook of that name, located in the Amazon Book store. 


Congratulations on the release of your novel, Doug and Carole!

“The War of Scars is over. Our war has only just begun.”

At seventeen years of age, Adria Idonea has already seen both sides of war. Once princess in a citadel tower, she followed the ghosts of her childhood to become a Hunter, a healer, and a visionary among the enemy in the Wilding forests of Heiland.

But now Adria has come of age, and a promise she made in haste has bound her to return to her home after long exile. She doesn’t know what she will find… but they don’t know who she has become.


The first in an action-packed fantasy series by Jacob Falling.


Support your local artists and dreamers this Christmas season.
Make a difference.

Birthday Wishes and Follows

I know he will most likely want to shoot me for doing this – but what better way to celebrate the birthday of a blogger, than by getting him exposure?


Today is Doug’s birthday over at Gardens, Combines, and Memories.  I have known Doug since 1994, although we had not really spoken to each other in about 20 years.  We reconnected through writing, something I had no idea he was interested in all those years ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find he was very passionate and TALENTED. Since reconnecting – we have enjoyed reading each other’s writing, supporting each other, and even collaborating on a few things.  I am blessed to call him my friend.  So, fellow writers, help me celebrate this amazing human being by following his blog, reading some of his work and sharing the love.

Here are some of my favorites:


Doug is also an amateur photographer and has a photography page on FaceBook. Like him there too!

Happy Birthday Doug, and please don’t kill me . . .

Dark River

A collaboration between my good friend, Doug from Gardens, Combines, and Memories and myself.  We hope you enjoy it!

Dark River

by Douglas A. Lafuze & Elizabeth A. Williams


Her childhood spent
Walking her babbling creek
Singing her own imaginative songs
Accompanied by cricket chirps
Serenaded by nature
Bluejays bickering at the cardinals in the crabapple tree

Unafraid, she’d cross her creek
On an old fallen oak
So both sides she could explore
In spring, she dipped her toes into icy cold waters
Come summer, to her waist she would wade
Bare legs caressed by cold dark liquid
Hands like a bowl scooped life-giving water
She drank

It was a part of her
She, part of it

Rains came
Waters swelled, teasing the banks
Rising quickly, ripping at the land
Spilling over, yearning to change its course
“Keep your distance”
“You’ll get in over your head”
“You could drown”
She listened
It subsided
Calm once again

One teenaged summer
It surrounded her home with its power
Submersed her brother’s Mustang in mud
Still unafraid, she watched from her window
Waited, not as long as she should
Walked along the saturated banks
Cold, wet earth squishing between her toes

She was drawn to follow her creek
Through the woods and past fields
Land dipped and descended
Dark water worked into a turbulent frenzy
The earth stopped
Her creek rushed to the edge and disappeared
Intoxicating power
Crashed beneath in a breathtaking cascade
Culminating in a deep, black pool

She resisted
An overwhelming urge
To plunge into the maelstrom below
Breathed in the power
Reveled in beautiful danger
Gave into the warnings
Retreated to safety

He appeared
Beautiful and steadfast
Kind, handsome, and somewhat bewitching
She thirsted for knowledge
Only he could quench
Cold rains came under black and purpled sky
Soaked, she clung to his warmth
Lightning flashed in his eyes
She was curious, yet timid
His intensity, his shadows
His darkness and swift rapids
Difficult to navigate

“Keep your distance ”
“You’ll get in over your head”
“You’ll lose your way”
She pushed the warnings aside
Followed him down her creek
He took her
To the edge of his dark river
She gazed into his eyes
Her heart thundered
She could not deny him
In tempest or calm
She was meant to walk on his banks
Bathe in his pools
Drink from his warmth

I am

Take me
Over the edge

Quench my thirst
Join our souls
Make me yours

I take you over me
Into me
As one

My Dark River