My first award!

295c6-liebster-award1Thank you Keepin’ Up Appearances for nominating me for the Liebster Award.

This is a first for Izzyasabee – so let’s see if I get this right . . .

This is a great getting-to-know-you activity for bloggers, so let’s have some fun!

First . . . the rules:


Here are the questions asked of me that I need to answer:

  1. What is your favorite cartoon ever?
    missswitchI’m probably showing my age here – but one of my favorite TV cartoons was “The Trouble with Miss Switch”.  Anyone else remember that?
  2. If you had to choose, What is the one thing that defines who you are?
    I don’t know that it is possible to come up with ONE thing that defines who I am.  Ancestry, Heritage, Communication, Music . . . I can’t pick just one!!!
  3. What is your favorite memory of an adventure you’ve had with your very best friend?
    There are so many!  We’ve been best friends since birth, pretty much.  I will say that a recent adventure was when she rode with me to take my kiddos to a visit with their Dad.  After dropping the kids off, there was a lot of laughing, singing, Long John Silvers’ hats, and Moonshine.  And that’s all you get to know about that!
  4. What is your pets name and why?
    10903801_10205011340935974_7185941510708418395_oI have 3 shih-tzus and a tuxedo cat who is mostly outdoors because he loves to keep our house rodent-free.  The oldest doggy is Daisy, that was her name when I adopted her – and she is my soulmate.  The next one is Riley and he was 1461157_10202003141612871_475126852_nnamed after James Whitcomb Riley, my oldest child claims Riley as her own.  The next is Rory after the Gilmore Girls and she is my youngest daughter’s baby.  Our cat is Socks (because it looks like he is wearing them) and he belongs to my son.
  5. What decade would you rather live in?
    The 60s.  I have always been drawn to tie-dye, peace signs, and the music of the era.  It hasn’t changed in 40 years.
  6. If you had visitors from out of town, where is the first place you would take them?
    Clara’s Pizza King to sit in the bus and then, if it was this season, on a drive through the country to see the beautiful autumn trees.
  7. What is your favorite music to listen to live?
    All of it.
  8. What is your go-to item of clothing?
    Tie-dye t-shirt and jeans.
  9. What language would you like to learn?
    Spanish and Latin.
  10. What movie makes you cry every time?
    Lately?  All of them.  But Lord of the Rings:  Return of the King always gets me with the line “My friends, you bow to no one.”
  11. What makes you happy?
    Being creative with other members of the Island of Misfit Toys.  They know me there.

Here are the 11 bloggers that I nominate for this award:

  1. Doug at Gardens, Combines, and Memories (yes, you have to do it.)
  2. Scott at Teller of Tales
  3. Michael at Michael’s Origins
  4. Danny at Dream Big, Dream Often
  5. Kate at Kate’s Keepers
  6. Blissfully Informed Hippie Chick
  7. Thoughts, Musings, and Storytelling
  8. Askyermom
  9. Rookie Scribbles
  10. The Feathered Sleep
  11. SusieShy45

Here are the 11 questions that you need to answer:

  1. How long have you been writing?
  2. Why did you decide to start a blog?
  3. What kind of things do you enjoy reading?
  4. What is your biggest writing dream?
  5. What is an item on your bucket list?
  6. Tell us something unique about yourself.  (okay – so it isn’t a question.)
  7. Favorite method of transportation?
  8. Are you addicted to social media?
  9. Can you tell us a “where I was when . . .” a significant moment in history happened story?
  10. What is your favorite season and why?
  11. Did you enjoy answering these questions or did it frustrate you to be asked to do it?  (Be honest.)

Have fun!!

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